My parents had a blast at the marijuana dispensary

When my parents eventually retired, they purchased themselves a pretty nice travel trailer and hit the road… I talk to them all of the time, and I must admit, I get jealous sometimes. They are often talking about a new adventure. Well, my father called last night to tell me all about their trip to a sizable, amazing recreational marijuana dispensary. They are going through a state that allows recreational marijuana use. I was rather uneasy to hear all about my mother’s latest adventure at a marijuana dispensary. Personally, I have never been to a marijuana dispensary, but I have regularly been sort of curious! Medicinal marijuana is legal in our area, but not recreational marijuana. I actually heard it’s just cheaper to get marijuana from the corporation around the corner. I don’t know for sure how true that happens to be, despite the fact that I can imagine a recreational marijuana dispensary would be quite a bit different from a medical marijuana dispensary. From the sound of things, Mom and Dad had the nicest time. Mom said the marijuana dispensary even offered valet parking! And my mother was talking about light shows at the marijuana dispensary. And she couldn’t wait to tell me everything about the marijuana products that they decided to go for. Mom and Dad purchased pot brownies and Space Cakes, then she told me everything about marijuana drink shots and marijuana sodas and marijuana gummies. I certainly could go for some marijuana gummies. Mom made her whole trip to the marijuana dispensary come completely alive for me. She’s such a superb storyteller. Now I hope eventually I can visit a recreational marijuana dispensary. It sounds pretty amazing.


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