Now we’re happy humans

My life has felt like 1 long, blistering grind… all the way up until recently. There were too numerous times to count when it honestly took all I had just to get up plus go to work. The task I have is super stressful for any human plus the mornings are filled with argument plus muted anger. Some relaxing environment to regularly spend a minimum of 10 hours each day in. My life was starting to unravel when our fiance purchased CBD products herself to try plus help me out. The first time I took the CBD oil, I slept soundly plus all the way through the evening. This was something that I hadn’t done in many years. I continued with the CBD products plus realized that maybe our overall approach to life was all wrong. After several discussions with our fiance, finally the two of us decided to sort of make a wholesale change in our lifestyle once and for all. The kids are in college plus our financial security is pretty set. So, I promptly decided to take a leave of absence to embrace a more healthy, positive plus overall holistic yearly life. Honestly, it entirely saved our life. Not only did I radically manage to change our diet however I also began to embrace recreational cannabis. My lovely fiance has used it some throughout her life to help her manage anxiety. I was just too busy all the time to have any interest. Now I realize that I was entirely missing out on the medicine. Partaking in recreational cannabis has given me a much more calm plus totally positive outlook. I have also found that I have a passion for more than making money in my life. The holistic approach to life has allowed me to shed a crappy persona in favor of a much more tolerable plus kind 1.


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