Taking classes to become a budtender

For a long time, I was hoping to work as a budtender at a local cannabis dispensary.

There are several different levels of budtenders.

If I were to get hired with no experience or knowledge at a legal weed shop, I would be the equivalent of a gas station attendant. Nobody would ask for suggestions and I wouldn’t be qualified to offer recommendations. I would earn minimum wage just like a food service worker. The higher end marijuana dispensaries, especially larger operations, emply a whole team of budtenders who need to undergo educational courses. The cannabis dispensary I chose required cannabis education before even applying. I enrolled in a few classes at a facility that strictly offers cannabis budtender training. I learned about the medical and holistic benefits of cannabis. I studied the properties and uses of CBD, THC and other cannabinoids. l learned the difference between a sativa, indica and hybrid variety. Once I applied at the cannabis dispensary and was hired, I needed to take a couple more training courses. I learned more about the specifics of a cannabis dispensary and how the operation works from seed to packaging. I also needed more in-depth training about cannabis sales. There is an artform to approach clients and determine what they prefer and require. That class was super beneficial. I learned how to pitch different cannabis products and consumption methods to recreational cannabis users. I learned how to handle medical marijuana patients who suffer from specific medical ailments and how to guide them through the cannabis process. Most of the clients are medical marijuana patients suffering from anxiety. I like that I can help them benefit from cannabis.

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