There is a lot of bias when it comes marijuana

I went from living in a fairly liberal area to one that is severely conservative.

I wasn’t used to seeing a county commission board block so numerous initiatives and building requests from anyone who wasn’t an ultra-rich insider. I visited a county commission meeting for a story assignment while I was still working at the local newspaper. It was supposed to be an uneventful meeting, and for the most part it was. But I’ll never forget when this lady presented her plea to build a storage facility she planned to erect near the highway. She kept getting shut down by the county commissioners, and apparently this was her 5th attempt at acquiescing to their demands just so she can get approval to begin building. She was crying, saying how she was running out of money had done everything they asked. With a cold look on all of their faces, they rejected the women’s pleas for a 5th time. I was shocked at what I was seeing, this lady was sobbing as she left the room with her spouse, and the commissioners were completely silent. When I heard they were in hot water for illegally blocking cannabis dispensaries from offering house delivery to medical marijuana patients, I was relieved. The governor is a liberal and had received information from a whistleblower regarding the county’s attempts at preventing cannabis dispensaries from expanding into offering delivery services. After a back and forth fight, they eventually conceded. I was cheerful, both cheerful for the medical marijuana patients and relieved to see those monsters put away.


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