We couldn't believe we didn’t have enough weed.

This year, four ounces wasn’t nearly enough.

I know that it is hard to tell if you are going to have enough supplies when you go away on vacations. That is why you know where the best stores are so you can stock up when you arrive and in between. My sisters and I always got together in the summer. We would take two weeks away from our families and hide out in the family beach house. It was like living at home again and we were teenagers again. We knew where the Piggly Wiggly was located and you had everything you needed. We didn’t want to go out of the house unless it was to go to the store or the beach. Most of our nights were spent sitting out on the patio of the beach house. We would be laughing over what was going on in the family. We would talk about growing up and how our parents treated us. We would also be smoking our marijuana. We each brought an ounce of marijuana, thinking it would be enough to get us through our vacation. This year, four ounces wasn’t nearly enough. By the end of the first week, we were trying to scrounge through the droppings hoping to get enough for just one joint. It didn’t take long to find out that the state had recently made it legal to use recreational marijuana. Now, all we had to do was head into town and look for a marijuana dispensary. I was just hoping they had my favorite, OG Kush, in stock.

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