We have to re-evaluate life

And they sure did.

My life would be the entire typical picture of average I suppose. It’s a life that wasn’t guided by passion plus my own best intentions. The fact is that I was mostly pushed plus took the path of least resistance through and through. I don’t guess this was as much of a conscious option as it was 1 of learned convenience. And, it’s not like it was all bad. I raised some relaxing kids with a kind lady who was an elegant mother. My career has been a constant if not a massive whiz bang success. You know, I had an entirely average existence overall. I’m not complaining. But now that our children are grown plus that old marriage is over, I decided to try something new. I discovered a legal weed store that opened near me plus went inside. Recreational weed was something I only got to try but perhaps a few times in our youth. But now that there is legal weed, I decided to lend it a try as space for a more holistic lifestyle that I am embracing later in life. All I can say to you now is that I wish I had known more about recreational marijuana sooner. The local legal weed store was amazing. It must have been obvious that I knew zero about enjoying recreational cannabis. The kind people at the legal cannabis dispensary were eager to properly help introduce me to the right type of recreational pot. And they sure did. They first started me out with something that was a bit on the milder side but it sure did the trick. So, suddenly I noticed numerous things that appeared to be so pressing in our mind were viewed with far more care and perspective. I’m for sure much more at ease in our life when using modern recreational marijuana.

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