Marijuana makes our task more tolerable

There are several reasons that I keep our task, despite the fact that I dislike it.

  • The pay they give me, the flex time so I can take our kids to their appointments plus such, plus the health plus dental benefits package are really top notch, as a provider plus head of household, I would be a darn fool to ever do something to jeopardize this task.

Personally speaking, I don’t love it at all. It is boring, soul crushing work, plus had I not spearheaded an effort to stop drug testing in the office, it would be intolerable. I smoke marijuana before work, plus sporadically on our dinner cut as well, which I couldn’t do under the ancient rules; Well, it is still against the rules, but since they don’t test employees for marijuana any longer, it doesn’t matter; For a long time the company had twice yearly marijuana plus drug tests for the employees, plus I put together a report on how extravagant that was for us. In the ancient days it was done for insurance purposes, but as the laws od marijuana legalization have changed, there was no longer any financial incentive to test for it. In other words, we were paying a lot of money to test employees for a formerly banned substance, in marijuana, that was no longer banned, recreational marijuana is not legal here yet, but it will be, but right now there are so numerous medically prescribed users that the laws are all but impossible to enforce, however so now I get to smoke out on our dinner break.
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