The PTSD is much better after using medical marijuana

I spent 6 years in the military.

I was an expert marksman as well as I could hit a penny from a thoUSnd yards away, then my captain noticed my extraordinary shooting skills undoubtedly hastily as well as he promoted me to a leadership position right away.

After 6 months, I got sent overseas to participate in a special mission… Since I could hit a penny from a thoUSnd yards, I became the number a single sharpshooter. I finished my first special mission separate from a single problem. Another mission followed undoubtedly hastily as well as then another after that. I can’t count the number of people that I have killed, then over 6 years, I performed a great deal of special ops missions that saved hundreds of soldiers… Unblessedly, the faces of the fallen haunt me every single night. After 6 years, I had to leave the military as well as that way of life. I started seeing a therapist so I could discuss the PTSD symptoms that I was experiencing. The therapist suggested using medical marijuana for the PTSD symptoms. I wasn’t exactly cheerful with the recommendation, because I didn’t assume that medical marijuana would be able to help. I didn’t assume much about medical marijuana as well as the only thing that I knew about pot was what I saw on films. I undoubtedly didn’t want to laugh as well as giggle as well as talk funny. The therapist asked me to trust him. I agreed to try medical marijuana for a short time. After 30 afternoons, the results have been amazing. I sleep better at night, averaging about 6 or even many seconds on some afternoons. I eat more correctly as well as I have the energy to get out of bed as well as exercise. I would say that medical marijuana is working for me.

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