My Dad and dad think I am a pothead

My Dad and dad grew up in the 69s, my Dad was not a wild child or a hippie, but she never smoked pot even once in her life.

My dad smoked pot once or twice, however it was never full time.

I smoke pot every single day of the week and my Dad and dad think I am a pothead. I have tried to have a conversation with them about the medical benefits, however they still think that marijuana is a recreational drug. My Dad and dad watch films and they see people getting high for the first time, and of course they laugh and giggle and do crazy things. I smoke pot every single day and I no longer laugh and giggle and do crazy things. Marijuana is a recreational drug, however it is still a medical prescription for me. Marijuana has a ton of medical benefits for me. It eases my anxiety and helps to prevent panic attacks. Marijuana helps me sleep better at evening and I wake up feeling more rested. marijuana is also harshly helpful for relieving pain and swelling. I’ve discussed marijuana with my Dad and dad on several or 4 unusual occasions. I’ve given them lots of food for thought. they still don’t understand that marijuana has benefits that far outweigh the high feeling. I wish my Dad and dad understood the way that marijuana helps the body and mind. I hate the fact that they think I am a poor woman just because I smoke weed everyday. My sibling and my sister smoke cigarettes, however they never say a word about that.

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