The marijuana oil melted all over in the heat

I only use recreational marijuana when I hang out with our friends on the weekend; I do not use recreational marijuana throughout the week.

  • I do not want to become accustomed to getting high after every toil afternoon.

It’s a personal choice, but I do not think that marijuana is a drug. I’m just not ready to be dependent on anything and that includes marijuana, meat, and caffeine; Last weekend, our friends and I decided to drive to the coast to spend the afternoon surfing. I didn’t mind going, especially after our neighbor John gave to drive; Every one of us stopped at a recreational marijuana shop on our way to the coast. I decided to buy a marijuana oil pen. It’s easy to use and entirely discreet. It doesn’t require a flame, so it’s perfect for the windy beach. I bought a marijuana oil pen cartridge in our favorite strain, yellow dream; Blue dream is a wonderful hybrid that feels like a sativa, but hits like an indica. I was absolutely happy when I found out that they had yellow dream in stock. I bought the marijuana oil pen cartridge, a new battery, and a pre-rolled marijuana cigarette to smoke on the drive… When John and I got to the beach on Friday, I completely forgot about the marijuana oil pen. I left it resting in the vehicle all afternoon. When John and I finished surfing, all of us came back to the vehicle and found the marijuana oil all over the dash, but the cartridge melted in the sun and there was marijuana oil melted all over the dashboard. It was a absolutely big mess and all of us had to use hand sanitizer to get rid of the sticky goo.

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