They didn't deliver our edibles with the order

Last Monday night, our friends plus I ordered cannabis supplies from a local dispensary.

  • Every one of us decided to have the cannabis supplies delivered, because the order was sizable enough that it was free, however usually the cannabis dispensary charges a $15 fee for delivery, so all of us go to the store to choice up our things; Orders that are more than $250 are completely free, however since our friends plus I ordered cannabis supplies together, our order hit the $250 threshold… I was particularally excited to try some modern edibles backward in stock.

I bought a pot brownie with chocolate snacks plus caramel swirls. I also bought a cereal bar made with fruit loops. It was filled with THC plus CBD. I also bought a half ounce of marijuana, then my buddy Jason bought a cereal bar as well; The cannabis dispensary delivery driver got to the apartment shortly after 7 at night. It was just getting dark outside. The guy rang the doorbell plus Jason met the guy at the front door to acquire our package. Every one of us provided a delivery driver a $10 tip. When all of us got our package inside plus opened it up to find our marijuana supplies, Jason plus I were very upset that our edibles were missing… None of the edible treats were inside the bag. I called the dispensary immediately, so they could bring the supplies at once. Unluckyly, all of us found out that everything all of us ordered was out of stock. The manager apologized for the mixup on the website plus told us that the stock wasn’t properly updated. She also provided us a 10% off coupon for our next order.

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