My mom and dad are really unhappy about the new neighborhood business

My mom and dad just found out that a marijuana dispensary is going to open in the town where they live.

My mom and dad are especially upset because the marijuana dispensary will be in the same neighborhood where they live.

The marijuana dispensary is less than a mile away from the school, which my parents think is a terrible thing. It seems like I believe it will be easy for teenagers to get now that there is a marijuana dispensary in the town. Medical marijuana has been legal in this state for several years, but our tiny place has not had a dispensary. I knew that the town was considering adding a dispensary, but I didn’t realize they were going to put the business on Main Street. My mom and dad’s house is right around the corner. My mom and dad are acting like the dispensary is a crack den. They are ready to file a formal complaint and go to the city town council to stop the business from moving to town. When my mom called to tell me about the dispensary, I tried to act upset too. My mom would have gone through the roof if she knew that I was secretly happy to have access to medical marijuana even closer to home. I’ve been driving all the way to the city to get medical weed and now I won’t have to drive far at all. Of course, it won’t take long for someone in town to tell my Mom that they saw me walking out of the medical marijuana dispensary.
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