Overturn all marijuana convictions

People make money off of crime, and I am not talking about the criminals themselves! I mean the system, it makes money from jails and prisons, from fines and fees and charges, so basically the laws as we recognize them are an extension of the tax code — all designed to separate you from your money.

This is the reason so several things have been criminalized over the years, when in fact making them illegal was only a means to get more people in the prison system.

Thank goodness marijuana legalization is sweeping the land, erasing this horrific and harmful prohibition on 1 of the world’s greatest plants, but people smoke marijuana for all kinds of reasons, not just getting high! More than that, most of the people who use marijuana are normal everyday folks, who do it to relieve stress or sleep a little better, so they shouldn’t be targeted as criminals. People that use cannabis tend to be more kind, gentle, and generous than other folks, especially people who have been drinking! I’m not saying that banning alcohol was ever a fantastic method — it wasn’t — however the ban on marijuana was just as bad. It benefited the prison method to have something as commonplace and widely used as marijuana to help keep all of their jails at capacity, however legalization of marijuana is a good first step, to keep innocent people from going to jail, however the next step is just as crucial… Every one of us need to overturn all marijuana convictions, and release any prisoners doing jail time over something pot related.

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