Cannabis isn’t as addictive as people think

A lot of people like to claim that smoking marijuana once could lead to addiction.

This is one of the many misconceptions about cannabis.

A recent study showed that fewer than ten percent of marijuana users are dependent upon it. In comparison, of cocaine and heroin users, around twenty-five percent of them are addicted. Tobacco was shown to be the most addictive substance. And yet, an adult can buy a pack of cigarettes in any state across the country. You don’t need to first go to the doctor and get medical clearance and a prescription. Despite the fact that smoking is entirely harmful, there are no restrictions. Cannabis is not harmful and provides a great deal of potential in medical treatment. Until very recently, research into the health effects of this holistic plant was against the law. We are just beginning to realize the many benefits cannabis can provide. Until a lot more studies are completed, we’re reliant on the success stories of consumers. We do know that marijuana can work to alleviate symptoms associated with numerous health conditions. Physicians around the world prescribe it to patients suffering nausea associated with chemotherapy. It has shown promise in helping people with HIV/AIDS combat poor appetite. Marijuana is effective in relaxing muscle tension and spasms, helps manage chronic pain and reduces inflammation. More and more people are turning to cannabis to treat insomnia. Strains such as Grand Daddy Purple, Blackberry Kush, Purple Nepal and Herijuana are helping people to sleep more peacefully. Fortunately, public opinion is changing and cannabis is becoming more accessible to people who really need it.

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