Cannabis use is a holistic health choice

There is no question that legal cannabis has completely changed my life.

Without legal weed, I would not have the life I have been finally given.

Thankfully, I discovered just how important legal cannabis and CBD products are to my life. This life has certainly not been kind to me. There have been a lot of things that I wasn’t in control of that deeply affected me. The patterns of anxiety and depression were set up when I was certainly young. My parents were convinced that I would somehow just snap out of it someday. Finally, they just decided that I was a poor seed and pretty much just gave up on me. However, they never took the time to find out what the root causes for my chronic depression were. I had to do that on my own once I got to university. Thankfully, I got into some therapy and began to understand the central reasons for my life being the way it was. Without that tough experience, I would never have been in the position to embrace life. When I was in graduate school, I got to date a woman who used recreational marijuana. For her, it was about letting go of all the expectations and the strenuous work that was getting a masters. She encouraged myself and others to try the recreational cannabis that she had with her. Within the first few attempts at recreational weed, I found a state of being that was completely foreign to me. I was ecstatic and finally at peace. Luckily, there is now legal weed and I don’t have to worry any longer about trying to find my clean recreational weed.

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