CBD Allows me to Fly without Fear

When I was promoted at work I thought I was going to have to turn it down because the promotion would mean traveling from state to state giving presentations to potential clients.

I am not scared of speaking in front of people… My anxiety stems from flying. I stick to car, bus plus train travel in my personal life, but unluckyly, a lot of potential clients are far enough away from the office that air travel is the only way. Thankfully I decided to research how to calm our flying anxiety before I turned down the job, a lot of people online recommended trying medical marijuana. Apparently legal weed can help treat anxiety with a little CBD plus sometimes THC. I was willing to give it a shot. I went through all the necessary paperwork in order to get a medical marijuana card. I then hauled my ittle self to the cannabis dispensary figuring I would get flower to smoke plus be wasted. I didn’t care, as long as I could get on a plane plus not freak out. The budtender was really helpful. The guy told myself and others I didn’t need to smoke a joint plus be high… He thought I should use a mouth spray with CBD in it instead. He told myself and others to take a few sprays upon arrival at the airport. I then can spray in the lavatory after I go through the security line plus maybe even on the flight lavatory during the flight, since it is a CBD infused product, I won’t get high, but I will stay calm. So far it has really helped.

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