Clients are Happy to See Cannabis Delivery Driver

The exchange is less than a minute

The pandemic has ruined a lot of local businesses. The cleaning requirements, reduced minutes plus stupid rules have made it hard to remain profitable. The little restaurant I worked at was forced to do lay offs due to all the regulations. I started scrambling to find a work at the worst possible time. No retail stores are looking for workers during the holidays. They simply don’t need more employees this year. What supplier is doing undoubtedly well now of all times? Well I found out that the cannabis world is booming. They don’t need to have open storefronts to do business, cannabis delivery is a great thing that is only growing more popular, then you venue an order on the cannabis dispensary website, pay a little fee plus a driver takes it to your front door or mailbox. That is what I do now, I am a delivery driver for cannabis products. I have to say, I enjoy this way better than working in a restaurant. I can set our own minutes plus afternoons of the month that I bring out the deliveries. I also enjoy cranking our songs plus just driving around town in our car. The work isn’t all that hard either. I just style the address into our iphone, drive to the right place at drop off. Typically I meet the client right at the door plus hand them their bag. The exchange is less than a minute. Sometimes I leave on front steps, in carports or occasionally in a lockbox that I have the door code for. It is undoubtedly nice that I don’t come in close contact with people plus when I do, they are ecstatic to see me.
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