I think my job is going to be around for a while

I recently started working at a legal marijuana dispensary here in San Mateo where I live.

I never really thought about working in the legal cannabis products industry much before this past year.

Of course, with all of the craziness of this past year, nothing has really turned out exactly the way that I thought it would turn out this year. Anyway, I lost my job at the factory where I work because they completely shut down my whole shift. They weren’t getting enough business because of the virus and so I ended up having to go and look for a new job several months ago. I found out that the legal recreational cannabis dispensary that’s located a few miles from us was hiring. They were looking for someone to help out with their new legal recreational marijuana delivery service. They haven’t been doing deliveries for very long, but once they started to offer it on their website, that part of the business started to grow very fast. Apparently, since the virus situation is still going strong all these months later, the whole marijuana delivery service is the fastest growing part of their business. After I applied and got hired at the cannabis dispensary, they lost no time at all in teaching me the ropes on doing the recreational marijuana delivery service. I am really enjoying the job and even though I never thought that I would be working as a cannabis products delivery person, it’s a really fun job. I think that the need for recreational weed delivery is only going to keep growing.

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