Injuries Might be Helped with Cannabis Cream

You could also just get a CBD infused cream to help the area

I am a former university athlete, I deal with a lot of aches and pains. I did a lot of tumbling and stunts in my cheerleading days. I genuinely wrecked my neck when I caught my flyer in a bad way. I also injured my knee throwing a back tuck I wasn’t quite ready for. In school I just suffered through the pain and kept going. I was needed for the routines and competitions that the squad competed in. Now that I am out of school, toiling from beach house and no longer cheering, the injuries have caught up with me. My neck frequently spasms on myself and others to the point I can’t stand it. I have trouble squatting, sitting or standing for long points of time due to my knee. I have taken pain pills, gotten massages and been to chiropractor visits. Nothing has helped significantly. A girl at labor told myself and others that she uses a topical for her back pain for her pain. I googled what a topical is and I found that it is a cannabis based product. You can purchase a cream or patch to put on the inflamed area. The topical is supposed to lessen inflammation and almost numb the body. It is appreciate a more powerful icy hot. The patches contain THC that gets into the bloodstream and makes you high. You could also just get a CBD infused cream to help the area. I guess that is what I am going to do. I feel a little odd going into a legal weed shop but I want the cream. I want to feel some relief from my injuries.


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