Perhaps Cannabis is Good for Depression

My sibling has regularly been a little strange.

She was a easily angry child and turned into a high strung teen.

Now as an adult, she struggles with depression. Relying on pills for her depression isn’t always a great idea. Not only is my sibling not genuinely fantastic about taking them as directed, but she is the genre of lady that would abuse prescription pills in the right mood. I was trying to find natural things for my sibling to take to help depression. That is how I found that people smoke marijuana for depression. Right away I talked to my sibling about cannabis and depression. She was interested in smoking rather than popping a pill. The budtender at the cannabis dispsenary had several strains that my sibling could smoke. There was OG Kush, Blue Dream and Purple Haze are the one’s I remember. The budtender started explaining sativas and indicas. My sibling and I don’t genuinely guess much about cannabis, so all of us let the budtender choose. The girl got my sibling set up with a vape, some cannabis oil and a few ounces of flower as a starting point. So far my sibling smokes every afternoon when she wakes up and right before bed. I have noticed she seems to be mellow and maybe slightly happier. I am thinking that if I don’t see a more significant change in a month, she needs a higher dose. I am being optimistic that cannabis will be the cure for him. It is better than pills, I think.


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