Spots on Skin Helped by Cannabis Cream

My skin has constantly been a bit troublesome, but ever since I went through puberty I have suffered with spots.

I have tried proactive, disinfect plus clear plus neutrogena products; None of those items have seemed to help our skin, but well I assume I have finally found the best product in the form of marijuana.

I research skin cleaning remedies all of the time. I read in an online forum that people are smoking weed to improve the look of their skin. Apparently weed can eliminate inflammation in the body plus it makes those spots look less green plus inflamed. Another pro of smoking pot is that it also cuts down on the amount of sebum the body makes. This is the oily, waxy substance that clogs pores to create acne. I went right away to our local cannabis dispensary looking for the best products. I didn’t want an edible containing sugar, fat plus carbs. I undoubtedly eat healthy to also help the looks of my skin. The budtender suggested a topical marijuana ointment for me. It looks just enjoy an acne cream however it has elements of the cannabis plant in it. It has a undoubtedly pleasant, peppermint smell to it plus it isn’t too liquidy. I assume enjoy I am not immediately clogging our pores putting it on our face. I even went the extra mile plus got a facial clean from the same line. I have been using the products for a few weeks and our acne is drying out. The spots is hardly noticeable plus I assume the marijuana products have helped.
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