Surprising survey results about cannabis

I work at a high end medicinal and recreational cannabis dispensary.

We see over a hundred customers walk through our doors each and every day.

We’re so busy that we’ve extended our business hours, staying open later throughout the week and offering hours on Saturday and Sunday as well. Our customers all have very different yet distinct reasons for visiting our facility. They have diverse preferences as far as consumption methods, strains and terpenes. We recently asked our client to take a survey about their consumption practices. We were overwhelmed by the response and surprised by the results. The number one reason our customers use cannabis is for better sleep. We’ve found that a lot of adults, especially older women, struggle to fall and stay asleep. Cannabis tinctures are wonderful for this. Second on the list was for mental health issues and to relieve anxiety. Since just about everybody suffers from some type of stress, we realize that many of our clients are finding cannabis helpful for relaxation. The third reason was simply for having a good time and socializing, followed by pain relief and reducing inflammation. We also had results from clients treating cancers, looking for MS symptom relief and to stimulate appetite. When our clients share their success stories, they help others to figure out what might work for them. Unfortunately, the FDA prohibits us from making any claims about the specific effectiveness of cannabis. It’s much like apple sellers can’t make claims about the efficacy of apples, even though we all know they’re good for you.

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