Vaping Has a Better Reputation Now

For a while vaping was considered bad.

  • A lot of people thought it was just appreciate smoking a cigarette.

When the smoke coming out of the vape got in faces they would quickly waft it away from them. The vapor doesn’t have an odor or contain any of the satisfied that the user vapes. Also, the people dying from vaping were inhaling genuinely inferior products. Now vaping is allowed in most areas and there is no stigma attached. Additionally, marijuana use is a lot more lenient. Certain areas are even recreational cannabis allowed. I live in a state where you can purchase items from a legal weed shop without a medical marijuana prescription. I, of course, like to vape cannabis oil rather than smoke flower or gain weight from edibles. There is something so pleasant and convenient about a vape. I appreciate that I can pack it in a suitcase, carry it in my pocket or wear it around my neck. The oil is right where I want it and I can take a few puffs at a time. When you inhale a joint, you are sort of obligated to finish the entire thing. Are you going to eat half a pot brownie? With smoking cannabis oil I can take a a little at a time. I can get a nice little high going without totally being wasted. It is nice taking a few hits before a sexual encounter, a flight, or even when I am going to visit the inlaws. It is the same thing as drinking a glass of wine to get a small buzz on.


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