When my uncle let me know about his cannabis use, I was stunned

My uncle told me something interesting that really surprised me.

  • We were easily just hanging out at the park together with our animals because the two of us hadn’t seen each other in a long period of time because of the coronavirus.

The two of us finally made the choice that the two of us would go & hang out together outside at the park just to be on the safe side. The two of us knew that resting outside at the park was likely the safest thing for us to do! Anyway, when the two of us were resting there having a conversation, my uncle told me that he had been dealing with all the brutal stress & anxiety of the shutdowns by using all types of cannabis products every so often… I have to say that I was in shock when my uncle said that he had been using cannabis products. I had never actually thought of him as someone who would use cannabis products, but he assured me that he was happy to take advantage of the cannabis product delivery services that they were offering in his town. He said that usually the local legal recreational weed stores are places that he prefers to visit in person. Nowadays though, he said that he actually prefers to use cannabis delivery services. He says that he truly needs to use cannabis products to help him deal with his severe stress. I easily understand that, but I have to say that I was pretty surprised when he told me. I’m blissful he’s taking full advantage of using the cannabis delivery services, though. He’s actually becoming older & so he’s easily at risk for getting sick if he’s out in public far too often.

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