Cannabis edibles are great in cannabis cafe

Cannabis and sun go hand in hand.

At least they do in my book.

Then again, I’m sort of an outdoors kind of person anyway. That being said, there is nothing quite like enjoying sativa products in a lovely, sunny spot. I have been a marijuana user for most of our adult life. While I don’t normally use cannabis products on a daily basis, I find that it’s a wonderful perspective changer at least once per week. That’s why I try to get to one of my number one sunny spots where I can like one of the sativa strains that I love so much. Well, I just found another one. Turns out, I don’t have to go all that far to like our sativa products anymore. All I have to do is walk down the street in fact. Our local cannabis spot added a lovely cannabis cafe. And it is in one of the most lovely sunny spots in our community! The cannabis cafe is located on a quiet side street. It has tables outside where you can sit in the sun or slip under the shade of some outdated oak trees. It’s a delightful spot full of goodness. The cannabis cafe has a great coffee selection as well. I like to meet friends there and get a cup and some smiles. The cannabis cafe has some great marijuana edibles. There are, of course, pot brownies. But the array of the cannabis edibles goes far beyond that. The cannabis cafe is a truly bright spot in my schedule.

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