Cannabis Helps me Manage my Depression

I’m here to tell you that depression can be lethal.

It’s such a devious condition that one doesn’t guess when that time may come.

Certainly, I have lost friends & loved ones to depression. It is no joke & I’m thankful that this culture is finally waking up. If it weren’t for medical cannabis, I might be one of those who never got better. Thankfully, I live in an area where I can get products from a cannabis dispensary. What is so insidious about depression is that no one is immune. Depression can happen to any of us. So when I began to notice that my foul and darkened moods were getting more frequent & lasting longer, I did something about it. I didn’t want to ignore it or just tried to power through. My therapist is outstanding. She didn’t sit there doing nothing while medications were useless. Once it was evident the antidepressants weren’t cutting it, she got myself and others going an unusual direction. She helped myself and others with the method to get a medical marijuana card. From there, she told me about one particular cannabis dispensary. I had never been to a legal weed store so I was a little nervous. But, it wasn’t long before I realized that I was in unquestionably superb hands. Those smart and compassionate people got myself and others on a superb strain of cannabis flower products that I could inhale through a vape pen or just smoke. It was clear right away that medical marijuana would have a key job in our depression therapy.
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