Cooking with cannabis

I have entirely gotten into cooking! Since I am a vegetarian with a dairy sensitivity, I am truly certain about what I can eat.

I usually push to have people come over to my arena and I will cook vs have the group order out.

I can make a broad range of dishes and I suppose they are all quite yummy. I have explored weird spices, oils and pestos in the cooking world. I have gotten into making my own bread, pizza dough and even making sauerkraut. I adore that I can make all weird kinds of meals, recently I started researching cannabis and how to cook with it. It was all truly scientific and confusing to me. So I just drove down to the marijuana dispensary and talked to the budtender at the store about it. The guy entirely hooked me up with the cooking essentials. There were tons of weird CBD and THC laced cooking oils and sprays. There were even flours that had marijuana extract in it to make baked goods with. Additionally there were chocolates and cocoa powder that also had marijuana elements in it. I ended up buying everything the budtender proposed to me. I am not a important marijuana user, however it could be fun to experiment and try new things. I also think I could get all my friends over for a meal if it was a cannabis themed meal. I am hopeful I can make at least a stir fry, cookie and maybe a smoothie that has at least some CBD content in it.

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