Do you tip your cannabis delivery driver?

We are well on our way to an entirely contact-free society.

Every day more and more services are being offered remotely, or in such a way that the client never has to be exposed to other people directly. On one hand, my inner child thinks this is kind of sad and lonely, but on the other hand it is much safer, and I am making better money than ever before! I have been working this route for six months now, and I find that I really love it. The pay is very good, but most of the customers for our cannabis delivery service also tend to tip pretty well too. To be clear, we are one of the only cannabis delivery services that discourages tipping, and I’m not even mad at that. Anyone who orders over a certain amount worth of cannabis supplies, no matter what they might be, that customer gets a 100% free delivery. The boss tells every customer that tipping the cannabis delivery drivers is not expected, and we are happy to do our jobs. And you know what? He’s right, me and the other cannabis drivers never expect a tip, because the boss pays us a respectable wage. On the other hand, people get generous when they have a fat bag of cannabis in their hands, and if they want to give me a bud, or a few bucks, then am I supposed to turn that down? I have even talked about it with the owner of the cannabis dispensary, and he says if they offer its cool, but I cannot ask!



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