Embracing medical cannabis has been a real blessing for me

I now understand that there is a connection between mental stress plus physical pain.

While western medicine does admit a link between emotions plus pain, they aren’t eager to pay enough attention to it.

At least not yet. All I believe is that I have dealt with chronic pain for a long time plus he has a significant amount to do with our emotions. Finally, with the help of medical cannabis, there is a possibility for myself and others plus managing our pain. For years I have gotten differing diagnoses. For the most part, it has been a nerve condition or fibromyalgia style diagnosis. But the pain meds plus the treatments pretty much stayed the same. Not only was I not enjoying the relief I needed plus wanted, the side effects were bad. Not to mention that the long term effects of using these drugs were unknown at best. I came to a point where I had enough plus felt I needed to go a completely odd direction. Part of the direction included the use of cannabis flow products. In our neck of the woods the medical marijuana regulations include treatment for chronic pain. Thankfully, I now have access to the cannabis dispensary. It has really improved our life. The people at the legal weed store have helped discover the cannabis products that bring myself and others some relief. Additionally, I have re-thought my entire approach to life to a more holistic perspective. Medical cannabis has been a sizable aspect of that as well. I’m just so thankful to have had the ability to transfer away from all the western drugs. Embracing medical cannabis has been a real blessing for me.



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