Friday is the best morning

I job more than four days a week and exercise right afterwards.

  • I also make it a point to run errands while in the week.

I will go to the bank, grocery store and pharmacy Friday through Wednesday. If I need to make an appointment for Heating, Ventilation, and A/C service, a haircut or go to the dentist, it is while in the week. The reason is I want to keep my weekends free and relaxing. I am truly reluctant to do anything on those 2 days, especially my Friday. Friday is the morning that I don’t set an alarm. I don’t job out or watch what I eat. I get to study in my sunchair as long as I want. I can not job on the cabin and won’t suppose guilty about it. I also choose to order take out rather than make a meal. I look forward to it all week. I also let myself smoke marijuana on Friday. I don’t suppose there is anything exhausting with smoking weed. It is a natural drug that has shown amazing medical benefits. I still don’t want to be a person who smokes always. I do not want to smell adore weed or get where I need it. I adore smoking on Friday to relax and wind down at night. Typically I’ll watch a movie while smoking cannabis oil through a vape. I care about the movie way more and I am totally relaxed. That makes for a truly unbelievable sleep and then I can start my job week truly refreshed. I then wait the whole week until I can smoke on my vape again.

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