It is better in the country

Living in the country is so much better than city life. I adore that I have total privacy. I can suntan in my bikini top without creepy neighbors looking over. I can blast songs working out and nobody is bothered. I also care about seeing the wildlife, raking my yard and being able to do anything I want to my arena. The only con to living in the country and being so private is there isn’t much around. There are only 2 restaurants in city vs the hundreds in the city. I have trouble getting my haircut since only 1 lady does it. The closest theater is over 30 minutes away too. The worst is that I used to go to the cannabis dispensary about once a week. I entirely adore using a topical for injuries that I sustain working out. A cannabis topical works better than any icy hot, ice or heating pad. It is a unbelievable smelling cream that soothes the ache much faster and more effectively, then while at the cannabis shop I would option up a cannabis edible to just care about 1 night… Now that I live in the country, there is no cannabis dispensary or local weed shop. I would need to drive all the way back to the city and go to my same arena. I am a little hesitant to make the drive. I technically don’t need my topical. I could get by without it. My life is just better having it. I suppose I might once a week make hte long trek up there to get my weed products, see a movie and have a nice lunch while I am there.

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