None of the prescriptions were helping

Way back in my teens, I used marijuana a few times.

  • It was something most of our peers were into.

So of course, I wanted to experience what it was all about. But, it just really wasn’t to my liking so I sort of moved on. Once I got a job going, the method of using cannabis products was even more unlikely. I was far too into being super extreme plus pursuing success no matter what I had to do. Funny how all that extreme stuff ended up making medical marijuana a component of our life. Life is strange love that. But, that is exactly what happened. The bad side of all that achievement was a shattered emotional state. This came from decades of putting emotions aside for success. Suddenly, there were easily real plus physical effects from all of that denial. The anxiety plus depression came on swift plus hard. There was a time where I refused to even leave our home. None of the prescriptions were helping plus I found myself in a desperate circumstance. Thankfully, I had a therapist who got myself and others through the medical regulations in our neck of the woods so I could get access to medical cannabis. It was really a last ditch thing for me. I was just at the end of our rope. But once I began going to the cannabis store, I started to understand more. A cannabis education helped myself and others to uncover the medicinal power in cannabis products. And it happened none too soon.


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