The new cannabis store we have is great

Well, it completely took long enough.

But our part is the country is welcoming the first of what I hope to be tons of cannabis dispensaries.

I can now go anywhere and easily do some shopping for indica or sativa strains. Things such as OG Kush and lemon haze are now within my ability to purchase and partake of. This has a bunch of people in our community extremely glad to get down to the local cannabis spot and see for themselves. For me, it’s a fantastic development. I came up in a time where recreational marijuana use was entirely illegal, and it was thought to be immoral. So, there was every reason to insult anyone who dared use cannabis products. The fact that I can now step into our local cannabis spot and shop for marijuana products is an unreal experience for me. The fact that this cannabis dispensary is just down the street totally blows my mind. I was honestly eager to check it out once the initial crowds died down to a certain level. What I found was a lovely cannabis dispensary that catered to those who knew what they were looking for as much as those who were fully new to the whole thing about recreational marijuana. The staff was very nice and helpful. I truly thought I knew some things about marijuana products. But the staff at the local cannabis spot know a good amount of things. They can tell you the THC amounts of any hybrid strain you ask about. Or they are completely cheerful to show you their edibles selection. It was seriously an impressive trip to an arena I thought might never exist in all my years.