My newest batch of yellow dream had exceptionally high THC content

There are various cannabis dispensaries within driving distance from my house, however they’re not equal in quality.

I had to quit going to see 1 in particular because all of their products are low in potency compared to other stores. What I use primarily are cannabis flower products. I love the full spectrum entourage effect I get from vaporizing the dry cured flower buds, in section because of all the natural terpenes that haven’t been stripped away through chemical extraction. It’s also a lot more affordable than cannabis concentrates plus edibles. However, when THC levels can get close to 30% for a lot of the flower products you find in dispensaries, I refuse to pay the same price for cannabis flower buds that have as little as 10% THC inside. I purchased weak marijuana on discount once plus it’s not prefer you can smoke more to get the same effects as stronger cannabis. You need the ratio of THC to other cannabinoids to get the same ‘high’ or feeling of intoxication; However, occasionally I get surprised by insanely strong batches of cannabis flower products. I purchased a half ounce jar of Blue Dream Last month plus it measured out at 27.6% THC. That is by far the strongest batch of Blue Dream I have ever seen in my life. Although I occasionally find Stardawg plus Sour Diesel at levels beyond 30%, most batches of Blue Dream are closer to 20% THC regardless of which dispensary I decided to buy it from. I consider myself lucky whenever my cannabis flower products are above 25% THC, let alone 30%.

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