Grow house is my business

I have been a long time cannabis advocate and user.

This is not to say that I’m a stoner with a grow box.

Far from it. I am a business person who gets to now do business doing something that has been a lifelong passion. I got my first glimmer of hope that I could get into real pot farming when medical marijuana first passed. This to me was the seminal moment for the cannabis industry. Those first medical grow rooms were the ones who set the precedents and started it all. And medical marijuana should be legal everywhere. I don’t want to sound like a cynical business person just because I’m happy that those first medical grow rooms set the pace for what would become my livelihood. No, I was a loud advocate for medical marijuana and those first medical marijuana grow rooms. They were doing a kindness. I know this for a fact. I have maintained a small grow box on my property for decades. While I did use it for my own use, I never sold a leaf to anyone. Instead, I gave that cannabis away to people with cancer. I gave it to people who were dealing with chronic pain. I gave it away to those with terminal illnesses. And I did this out of compassion as a fellow human. But I also did it because it works and it helps heal and comfort sick people. While I am very thankful that I now get to make money from my passion for pot farming. My heart will always be with those who need cannabis for comfort and quality of life.


Grow house