Happy about the new cannabis business in town

It’s a sincerely welcome sight to see a cannabis dispensary opening in our community.

  • This is something that has taken a lot to get done.

It took numerous years of lobbying the state plus local leaders. And it was the pioneering authorities in other states that the people I was with and I took our lead from. I have been a major proponent of cannabis plus cannabis products for all of my adult life. So to welcome the first cannabis dispensary to our area was an absolute thrill. I have been a vocal proponent of recreational marijuana for a seriously long time. My history with cannabis goes back approximately 30 years to when I made an attempt at it as a college student. I guess it was an Indica strain that was genuinely a first experience. And I can remember wondering when I was going to actually feel anything. To that particular point, all I had ever done was drink to excess in order to easily feel less inhibited. However, alcohol just wasn’t for me. Not only did I have a genetic history of alcoholism, I just really didn’t enjoy the way it made me feel. To get the effect I was looking for meant that I was basically laid up for a good amount of the following day. So when I tried that first bit of recreational marijuana, it was a total game changer. I felt something I hadn’t felt before. It was as though a weight had been lifted plus I saw my life in a much more enjoyable way. Sadly, there was no such thing as legal recreational marijuana at that period of time. But I joined the fight to legalize medical marijuana. That was a pressing first step to help humanity plus the authorities understand that cannabis products were pressing to a wide range of people.


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