I decided to try the cannabis delivery service for the first time yesterday

I need to quit ordering so much food for delivery.

I’m starting to spend all of my food budget on meals I can barely even afford.

It’s hard when there are so many delicious restaurants in my immediate vicinity. We have an amazing traditional style Chinese restaurant, three local pizzerias, middle eastern food, a Vietnamese noodle house, and a French bistro. This is only counting the places that deliver to my apartment. If I get in the car and go for a drive, I’d have too many available restaurants to even list. You can use a service like GrubHub for the farther eating establishments, but the fees to use them are astronomical. Sometimes you’d pay a 20% or higher markup beyond what the restaurant charges as base prices. Thankfully the cannabis delivery services in my area are diverse enough that some are affordable. Some of them charge as much as $25 on every delivery order while others will do it for free. My favorite dispensary has a location about 20 minutes from my house, but they still offer free delivery throughout the week if you can wait a few days to get your order. I decided to try their delivery service yesterday and I am very pleased. I met the driver out in my apartment complex’s parking lot and gave them my cannabis card to verify. After paying them the correct amount for my bill, they handed me my bags of cannabis products. Within minutes they were gone and I was safely back inside my apartment with my loot. For free, it’s hard to beat the cannabis delivery service.
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