I can feel joy and see beauty in life now with medical cannabis

There is no doubt that I have struggled a huge amount throughout my life.

  • But to be entirely honest, I thought that’s what life was sincerely all about.

At least that’s the way I was raised as well as subsequently tackled life from that perspective. There just hasn’t been much joy in my life however I’m coming to learn that medical cannabis helps substantially. Life has been like a battle for me, so I compartmentalized all my feelings as well as just moved along. Then abruptly, I was retired as well as truly alone. There was nothing except for time as well as my personal thoughts. The walls came falling down. It’s a good thing that I have one child that honestly refused to allow myself and others to completely alienate him. He was the one that coaxed me into therapy as well as trying medical cannabis. I’ve been a tough ass all my life so the irony of going with cannabis products to save the rest of my life was not lost on me. Yet, I never really had anything issues with cannabis products, I just didn’t use them myself. Once my child offered me a cannabis education, I decided that I should give medical marijuana a try. I can easily say that medical cannabis as well as therapy have completely changed my life in a beneficial way over the past year. I really see the overall beauty of life as well as am coming to terms with having feelings as well as how to deal with them. It’s sincerely remarkable that this natural plant has had so much impact on my life. I’m really starting to look forward to my last chapter because it’s going to be my best chapter for sure. And I have medical cannabis as well as my lovely child to thank for showing me that life is definitely more than a struggle.



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