I’m so happy I have medical cannabis now to help me get by

Hey look, being a woman as well as getting your regular period each month is not especially easy on any of us.

But, it’s also just a typical part of the deal I suppose.

However, in the past decade, my period has caused me huge amounts of distress. Both physically as well as emotionally, I am honestly suffering to a point that I had to turn to medical marijuana for some necessary relief. And man has it ever made a difference. The health care professionals honestly tried numerous treatments. From going to a new type of pill to increasing the dosage to other kinds of medications. It just had extremely little effect if any. I was spending nearly 2 as well as a half weeks every single month feeling brutally agitated. My working performance became horrible as well as my absences went way up. A pretty good buddy of mine proposed that I take a trip to the legal weed store to get some necessary help. I told her I had the desire to get some relief from my period and I didn’t had the desire to intensify the effect by being stoned. Of course, I have plenty of misconceptions regarding medical marijuana. That’s a holdover from the way I was actually raised. My friend got me some cannabis information in order for me to get some cannabis education so I had the necessary facts. Once I absolutely managed to learn about the medical marijuana benefits, it just made sense for me to give this new thing a try. And that’s what I ended up doing. After my first trip to the cannabis dispensary, I was pretty blissful with how I was treated. They told me just how to use the cannabis products that would help me. Once I began treatment as my period was nearing, I was stunned by what a difference the medical marijuana absolutely made.

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