Cancer treatments less drastic with medical marijuana

When I use the cannabis flower products, there is a more focus on hope & healing.

I was stunned to find out that I had cancer. It’s just the farthest thing from what I thought would ever happen to me. There were no symptoms. I wasn’t exhausted or had experienced any weight loss. Thankfully, the cancer was detected while I was in a usual annual visit. And of equal thanks, I live in a state where I can have access to medical cannabis through a cannabis dispensary. Figuring out how to get a medical marijuana card was a single of the first things I did once I got our diagnosis. The marijuana regulations weren’t that strenuous & I was able to get access to cannabis products pretty hastily. That was a blessing. And medical marijuana is a blessing as well. The cannabis flower products I use are getting me through our treatment regimen. The chemo is made especially more tolerable using the medical marijuana. I experience much less drastic nausea with the medical cannabis. And that allows me to continue to eat a healthy diet which is super pressing to our body. It takes a total commitment for me to get cancer free & into remission. There have been times where I feel overwhelmed & worried about our situation. But the medical cannabis also helps me with that. When I use the cannabis flower products, there is a more focus on hope & healing. Medical cannabis reduces the bad, unproductive thoughts to a minimum. And the people at the cannabis dispensary typically raise our spirits as well. They are pulling for me & make sure that they adapt the cannabis products to our needs.


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