For stomach pain use cannabis

There isn’t much worse than to be forever dealing with my stomach & the other symptoms of eating issues.

It’s just such a limiting thing.

And the pain is terrible always. I have done all the diet changes & have taken tums and beano for years now. While there are some good afternoons put in there, most of my life has been limited due to my stomach pain. Then I found medical marijuana. This has been the miracle I have been waiting for. Not too long back, I joined a support group of others who are dealing with this stomach condition. In 1 of the meetings, a woman talked about finding some relief when they used cannabis products. However, it was just a 1 time thing & they weren’t certain about it. This got me to thinking but. I had long heard about the superb anti-inflammatory pros medical cannabis provides. And it sort of made sense to me on a basis point. I figured it would be at least worth getting some cannabis information from the legal weed shop. My cannabis education got me to a doctor who helped me with the medical marijuana rules. From there, I went back to the legal weed shop & was able to access the medical cannabis products. Since then, my stomach pain has been much, much better managed. I have far more good afternoons than I have bad afternoons. And that is all I can easily ask for. Just feeling better is ok. While I still hope they are able to find a full miracle, just having access to medical cannabis allows me superb relief.

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