I laughed at the idea of legal recreational cannabis delivery.

When I was younger, I would have laughed had anyone told me they would someday have legal recreational marijuana dispensaries.

I couldn’t believe the states would ever legalize marijuana for any kind of use.

When the doctors began talking about marijuana being the next medical miracle, I didn’t think the lawmakers would get together and pass a law for legal, medical marijuana and having a medical marijuana dispensary. They had me wondering what was next. Then I also realized that the people who were now making the laws and passing them were younger than I was. I knew that once legal, medical marijuana became a law, legal recreational marijuana wasn’t far off. It took a couple of years before they lawmakers began looking at recreational marijuana. Someone must have realized how much income the state could bring in by allowing legal recreational marijuana. They could tax legal recreational marijuana the same way they taxed tobacco and alcohol. Instead of taking the money from the people by weighing them down with taxes, they could just get all the money they need from the marijuana. I almost laughed at the idea of legal recreational cannabis, marijuana, or whatever name they wanted to call it. By saying it was legal recreational cannabis, it sounded more medical. Now, I am laughing at legal recreational marijuana delivery services. No one needs to go into the bad part of town and buy their marijuana on street corners, which makes the lawmakers feel good. As they pretend they are making it better for the marijuana users, they are raking in the money.