In college a friend of mine tried to grow cannabis in a patch of woods next to campus

One of my closest friends in college was my buddy Matt.

We both grew up in the same state and frequented many of the same theme parks as kids.

We also happened to play roller hockey when we were younger, and were unknowingly in the same league at one point. Naturally we both hit it off immediately when we first met during the early weeks of our freshman year of college. It helped that we were both economics majors as well. Although we hung out in the same group of friends, Matt and I spent as much time with each other as we did with the rest of the group. And to top it all off, we both loved to smoke marijuana. I had only started using marijuana in the final year of high school after I had already been accepted into college and was nearly complete with all of my classes, exams, and grades. I used the plant on and off during the summer after high school graduation, but I used it a lot more once I got to college. Matt had a connection back home for really amazing medical marijuana that came from a dispensary in California we were told. No matter where that weed originated from, it was phenomenal. But since our state didn’t have legal cannabis dispensaries to shop at, our ability to consume the plant was completely dependent on whether or not we could source it that particular week. That’s in part why we wanted to grow cannabis if we could find a place to do it. My friend tried to grow it in a patch of woods next to campus, but eventually someone found the plant and confiscated it. We were really disappointed when we went to check on it and could find it.


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