Looking for that moment of peace

I have been dealing with sadness as well as stress since I was only 15 years old.

  • Honestly, I can’t actually remember a time when I wasn’t dealing with this curse.

And it has taken quite a bit out of me. That is until I discovered legal marijuana. Having the chance to get what I need from the cannabis store has simply changed my life. Up until it was recommended that I try legal marijuana, I had been on all sorts of prescription pills. But I never was able to find any luck in those. While the medications helped with some of the issues of the stress as well as sadness, there was never any peace. When my therapist recommended legal cannabis as well as the marijuana dispensary near me, I took it as a word. Along with my physician, I began to cut myself back from the antidepressants. This took about two months. In the meantime, I had met with the employees at the cannabis dispensary to get a better understanding of just what may be most helpful. Once I had the terrible meds out of my system, I began to use the legal marijuana to treat my sadness as well as stress. However, I did this as a portion of an overall holistic viewpoint to life. I changed my eating habits, got fit about my health as well as wellness as well. But getting the legal cannabis into my system, it had an immediate effect on me. From the start, I had the feelings of calm that I had been looking for.

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