My father is a veteran and gets discounts at every single cannabis dispensary in town

I live in a multi-generational military family.

My grandfather was in World War 2, my dad was in Vietnam, and my oldest brother was in Desert Storm.

And most recently, my nephew did a tour of duty in Afghanistan. With this rich family history, I had a lot of pressure on me from an early age to join the military. My brother was in the ROTC program in high school, which is sort of like a junior training program for the Marines. I simply had no interest in these pursuits, and instead I wanted to follow a career in the arts. It was hard to live through the disappointment that I felt from the other males in my family. At times I think they thought I was cut from a completely different cloth, despite having the exact same DNA as they do. Even though I didn’t want that particular life for myself, I have a huge amount of respect for the veterans in my family. And it makes me happy when I see businesses around the city offering discounts for veterans. My brother gets half off oil changes from the car dealership because of his military history. My dad gets a huge discount from the cannabis dispensary whenever he’s shopping for new marijuana products. He gets a flat 20% off every single item in the store, which is a massive savings. And that’s at all dispensaries in our area, not just one. It’s nice to know that my father can get all of the cannabis that he needs to treat his PTSD at a cost that he can easily afford. If you’re going to sacrifice everything to fight for your country, you deserve gratitude and benefits from society.

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