Sales on vape carts are up 40% because of the sale

The sale was a huge success and we were busy all weekend

Last month, my staff and I were doing inventory in the store and we found a whole box of cannabis cartridges in the back of the store. It was sitting on a very tall shelf with some t-shirts and coffee mugs. The contents of the box included 250 ½ gram disposable vape pens, and 250 full gram disposable pens. Unfortunately, the expiration date on the disposable pens was in two months. I called my boss when I found the box of cannabis cartridges. She was surprised to hear about the box as well. We still have no idea how it got lost in our tracking system, but it’s a $5,000 box of cannabis supplies. My boss told me to have a sale and offer these cartridges for a cheap price, since they are close to the expiration date. I put up some flyers in the store and I had an ad placed on our online website. All the disposable carts from the box were on sale. We had seven different strains available including some sativas, hybrids, and indicas. After offering them to buy one and get one free, we didn’t have any trouble getting rid of the box in a single weekend. The sale was a huge success and we were busy all weekend. Since we had the sale on vape carts, our overall sales have increased. I think the sale got more people in the door to try the pen and now people love it. Our sales on vaping supplies have increased by 40% since we had the sale.

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