This drink is something else

Last weekend, our friends plus I went out dancing plus drinking wildly on Friday night. It was Luke’s birthday that weekend plus the two of us wanted to celebrate in style. It’s not every single day that your best buddy turns 21. Every one of us spent the day doing a lot of fun things that you can only do after you turn 21. Every one of us started off our happy day with a trip to the recreational marijuana dispensary; You have to be 21 years old, at least, to buy marijuana at the recreational dispensary. It was the first time Luke set foot in a dispensary. The multiple of us had a fun plus interesting time picking out some modern marijuana supplies for our day of fun. I found an interesting product I’d never seen called Canna Lean! Canna Lean is a thick sweet syrup that is infused with high potency marijuana oil. The bottle was $40, but it contained 1000mg of cannabis. The full dosage said a capful in a bottle of Latte, but myself and others plus Luke decided to have a bit more than that. The cannabis oil drink was honestly awful tasting to be honest. I would not have been able to drink it straight from the bottle. Even after we were mixing it with soda, it was still pretty gross. After about an hour, Luke plus I felt honestly energized plus giddy. Every one of us decided to drink more of the nice syrup – Canna Lean – before the two of us decided to go to the club. It wasn’t long before Luke plus I were ready to go home plus pass out. That is the last time I mix cannabis drinks plus alcohol on the same night.


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