All of the edibles were vegan treats

My friends and I were invited to a wonderful dinner party made with all cannabis infused treats.

My girlfriend really wanted to go , but she was worried about what to eat. She is a die hard vegan and she doesn’t eat anything at all that has been processed by or with an animal. I talked to the host of the dinner party about the meal. He would not tell me the menu, but he promised that my girlfriend would have something yummy and tasty to eat on that particular night. My girlfriend went to the mall and she picked out a really nice dress with blue sequins. I got a matching shirt and tie. We looked really good when we rolled up to the event site. The hostess sat us at one of three tables. Each one of the tables was covered in green tablecloths with marijuana leaves all over them. Each table seating had a corresponding set up with plates, bowls, knives, forks, and spoons. The host came out to greet us and presented us with our menu. Every course had a vegan and carnivore option. Each course was carefully prepared with medical grade cannabis. We had medical cannabis in the steak seasoning, the butter, the dessert, and the drinks. Every course was different and exciting and they all used the cannabis plant in a variety of ways. It was an amazing night and a really fun cannabis adventure. I hope the host will invite us over for another marijuana themed dinner. The food and the company were both fantastic.

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