I didn't expect them to give me a refund and send a coupon

I bought a couple of cannabis-infused drinks from a local dispensary.

I was terribly unhappy with the taste and flavor of the cannabis infused drinks.

I bought a 4 pack, and I took three of them back to the store. I requested a refund from the dispensary. The manager happily refunded the purchase price. That is one reason why I always buy my cannabis products from this particular place. Anytime you are dissatisfied with a product for any reason at all, they will refund your money or replace the product with something else. They don’t ask any questions and you don’t have to give them a reason. They want everyone to be 100% satisfied with their cannabis purchase. A couple of days after I returned the cannabis infused drinks, I received an email from the store. The manager wanted to apologize for my lack of enthusiasm for the cannabis infused drinks. She asked me to give them another chance to make me happy and she included a 10% off coupon for my next purchase. I didn’t expect them to give me a refund in the store and also send me a coupon in the mail. I thought it was really great customer service and I was happy that I decided to take the products back to the store instead of throwing them in the garbage. I used the 10% off coupon to buy some marijuana flower and cannabis concentrate. I wasn’t going to try my luck on any more beverages. I can still taste that horrible flavor in my mouth.

Local cannabis cafe