It freaked me out at first

Marijuana has been legal in our home state for a long time now, plus yet, until a few nights ago I have never tried it myself… I have observed that there entirely seems to be some kind of growing cannabis culture, plus a lot of people seem to spend their time hanging around smoking marijuana or trying edibles. I wasn’t entirely keen to join them, but our closest friends, most of which were avid marijuana smokers, encouraged me to at least allow it a try. I don’t suppose what it is, maybe it was the way I was raised, but the continued thought of trying legal weed made me think concerned. I suppose that it’s already legal cannabis, so it’s not as though I am busting any laws, but still. I had gone multiple years, even with our friends encouragement, plus very successfully avoided going to a recreational pot dispensary, even though it always seemed to be 1 of our friend’s favorite past times; However, our friends invited me to a cafe. I didn’t think much of it, until I arrived there plus realized eventually they also sold marijuana edibles! This is when our friends started trying to again convince me to try it. I wasn’t entirely sure how to feel, because I didn’t think high quality cannabis edibles were as bad as easily smoking cannabis, but I wasn’t keen on trying it either. They eventually convinced me anyway, plus I obtained a pot brownie. I’m not sure I will try legal pot again, but it wasn’t spine-chilling as I was imagining it to be either.

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